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Frenectomy in Detroit

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This Simple Procedure Corrects a Host of Problems, from Speaking to Breathing

If you or your child has certain speech, eating, or orthodontic problems, then a tight or short frenulum may be the problem. There are three frenula in your mouth, and any one of them can be affected. At Lakeshore Dental Specialists in Detroit frenectomy is offered by our dentists who can snip the frenulum to free it, solving related issues almost instantly. The procedure itself is quick, does not require anesthesia, and has zero downtime.

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What is a Frenectomy?

To understand a frenectomy, you must first know what a frenulum is. A frenulum is a soft tissue that tethers parts of your mouth in place.

If you open your mouth, you will see three frenula. One is located just below your two lower middle teeth, another lies above your two front teeth, and the final one is under your tongue. The purpose of a frenulum is to prevent a body part, such as your tongue or upper jaw, from moving too far as you bite, speak, or chew. However, sometimes a frenulum does its job too well.

A frenulum that is too tight or short can restrict oral movements. Trouble talking, breastfeeding, or breathing are just some problems that can arise. When this occurs, a dental procedure known as a frenectomy can be performed. This frees the tight frenulum, which immediately resolves any related dental and overall health issues. Frenectomy is a fast, low-risk procedure with big rewards. At Lakeshore Dental Specialists, we strive to provide you with the best frenectomy Detroit has to offer.

Benefits of a Frenectomy

For such a simple procedure, a frenectomy has several benefits. It can improve both the health and appearance of your or your child’s smile. Speech, breathing, digestive, and periodontal issues related to a tight frenulum will see a rapid improvement after the treatment.


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Frenectomy Detroit

Who is a Candidate for the Frenectomy Procedure?

Children are the most common frenectomy patients we see at Lakeshore Dental Specialists.

Frenal attachment issues may be apparent from infancy, but they may also occur through adolescence and adulthood. If you or your child has experienced the following, it could be a sign of needing a frenectomy.

  • Speech impediments, such as a lisp or being tongue-tied
  • Open-mouth breathing
  • A gap between the two front upper teeth
  • Gum recession near the frenulum
  • In infants, difficulty breastfeeding or clicking noise while breastfeeding

To determine if a frenectomy is in you or your child’s best interest, we invite you to meet with the skilled doctors at Lakeshore Dental Specialists for a consultation.

Types of Frenectomy Procedures

The human mouth contains three frenula. Our dentists tailor the treatment based on what frenulum is affected.

Maxillary Labial Frenectomy

Also known as an upper lip frenectomy, this procedure may be suitable for patients with gapped front teeth, upper lip pain, open mouth posture, or a prominent upper frenulum that gets in the way of braces.

Mandibular Labial Frenectomy

Known as a lower lip frenectomy, this procedure involves freeing the frenulum that is located just below the lower middle teeth. This frenulum may be seated too high, causing issues for braces or denture wearers. Like other frenulum attachment issues, irritation, discomfort, and gum recession may occur or worsen if it is left untreated.

Lingual Frenectomy

The lingual frenulum is located beneath the tongue. It tethers your tongue to the bottom of the mouth. A lingual frenulum that is too tight or short limits tongue movement, which can cause discomfort and difficulty speaking. Patients with a tight lingual frenulum often describe it as being “tongue-tied” — and quite literally, that is what is happening. Lisping is also linked to a tight lingual frenulum. Without treatment, jaw growth and orthodontic problems are likely to result. Airway issues are another cause of concern. A lingual frenectomy loosens the lingual frenulum.

Frenectomy Detroit

The Frenectomy Procedure

Your appointment starts with a discussion of your concerns, followed by an oral exam. If a frenectomy is determined to be in you or your child’s best interest, the procedure can take place on the same day.

A frenectomy is a fast procedure that involves a small incision to free the frenal attachment. Our Detroit dentists numb the area first to minimize discomfort. The entire procedure takes just a few minutes to perform. Dissolving stitches eliminate the need for stitch removal.

What to Expect During Your Frenectomy Recovery

Recovery is relatively straightforward.

Mild soreness may persist for approximately four to five days. You or your child can get back to most daily activities right away. There is no need to miss school or work. However, if you have any concerns about post-procedural discomfort, you may choose to schedule your appointment just before the weekend.

Your Frenectomy Results

After just a few weeks, your frenulum will be good as new. It can be a huge relief to have less tension on your frenulum. Difficulties speaking, breathing, or eating will quickly improve. If a tight or short frenulum has been getting in the way of orthodontics or dentures, that will also not be a problem anymore.

Schedule Your Consultation for a Frenectomy in Detroit

A frenectomy at Lakeshore Dental Specialists is a safe outpatient procedure with a high success rate. Contact our office today to learn more about your frenectomy treatment options. A patient care coordinator will reach out to confirm your appointment.

Detroit Frenectomy

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